Ballot Name: NERC Standard Processes Manual Sections 2.1, 3.7, 6, 7, 8 & 11 FN 3 OT
Voting Start Date: 10/17/2018 1:24:23 PM
Voting End Date: 10/29/2018 8:00:00 PM
Ballot Type: OT
Ballot Activity: FN
Ballot Series: 3
Total # Votes: 153
Total Ballot Pool: 174
Quorum: 87.93
Weighted Segment Value: 81.83

Segment Ballot Pool Segment Weight Affirmative Votes Affirmative Fraction Negative Votes w/ Comment Negative Fraction w/ Comment Negative Votes w/o Comment Abstain No Vote
Segment: 1 45 1 30 0.882 4 0.118 0 5 6
Segment: 2 4 0.2 2 0.2 0 0 0 1 1
Segment: 3 38 1 23 0.793 6 0.207 0 6 3
Segment: 4 12 0.7 4 0.4 3 0.3 0 3 2
Segment: 5 37 1 24 0.889 3 0.111 0 6 4
Segment: 6 30 1 14 0.7 6 0.3 0 5 5
Segment: 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Segment: 8 1 0.1 1 0.1 0 0 0 0 0
Segment: 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Segment: 10 7 0.7 7 0.7 0 0 0 0 0
Totals: 174 5.7 105 4.664 22 1.036 0 26 21
Segment Organization Voter Designated Proxy Ballot NERC Memo
5 AEP Thomas Foltz Negative N/A
6 AEP JT Kuehne Negative N/A
1 Western Area Power Administration sean erickson Affirmative N/A
5 Nebraska Public Power District Ronald Bender Affirmative N/A
5 DTE Energy - Detroit Edison Company Jeffrey DePriest Affirmative N/A
10 ReliabilityFirst Lindsey Mannion Affirmative N/A
5 Ameren - Ameren Missouri Sam Dwyer Affirmative N/A
6 Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. David Reinecke Negative N/A
2 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Tom Foster Affirmative N/A
5 NiSource - Northern Indiana Public Service Co. Kathryn Tackett Affirmative N/A
1 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Richard Jackson Affirmative N/A
3 AEP Kent Feliks Negative N/A
4 Illinois Municipal Electric Agency Mary Ann Todd Abstain N/A
5 Lower Colorado River Authority Teresa Krabe Affirmative N/A
1 Tennessee Valley Authority Gabe Kurtz Negative N/A
1 APS - Arizona Public Service Co. Daniela Atanasovski Affirmative N/A
5 APS - Arizona Public Service Co. Michelle Amarantos Affirmative N/A
3 APS - Arizona Public Service Co. Jessica Lopez Affirmative N/A
3 Tennessee Valley Authority Ian Grant Negative N/A
1 Con Ed - Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Dermot Smyth Affirmative N/A
1 Entergy - Entergy Services, Inc. Oliver Burke Affirmative N/A
6 Con Ed - Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Michael Foley Affirmative N/A
6 APS - Arizona Public Service Co. Marcus Bortman Affirmative N/A
3 Con Ed - Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Peter Yost Affirmative N/A
5 Con Ed - Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Haizhen Wang Alyson Slanover Affirmative N/A
6 PPL - Louisville Gas and Electric Co. Linn Oelker Affirmative N/A
3 PPL - Louisville Gas and Electric Co. James Frank Affirmative N/A
5 PPL - Louisville Gas and Electric Co. JULIE HOSTRANDER Affirmative N/A
6 Great Plains Energy - Kansas City Power and Light Co. Jennifer Flandermeyer Affirmative N/A
5 Great Plains Energy - Kansas City Power and Light Co. Marcus Moor Affirmative N/A
1 International Transmission Company Holdings Corporation Michael Moltane Allie Gavin Abstain N/A
1 Berkshire Hathaway Energy - MidAmerican Energy Co. Terry Harbour Affirmative N/A
6 Dominion - Dominion Resources, Inc. Sean Bodkin Abstain N/A
5 Dominion - Dominion Resources, Inc. Rachel Snead Abstain N/A
6 Evergy Jennifer Flandermeyer Affirmative N/A
3 Bonneville Power Administration Ken Lanehome Affirmative N/A
1 Bonneville Power Administration Kammy Rogers-Holliday Affirmative N/A
5 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Wendy Kalidass Affirmative N/A
6 Tennessee Valley Authority Armando Rodriguez Affirmative N/A
1 City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri Michael Bowman Affirmative N/A
1 Long Island Power Authority Isidoro Behar Affirmative N/A
1 Edison International - Southern California Edison Company Jose Avendano Mora Affirmative N/A
6 Cleco Corporation Robert Hirchak Louis Guidry Affirmative N/A
1 American Transmission Company, LLC LaTroy Brumfield Affirmative N/A
5 Cleco Corporation Stephanie Huffman Louis Guidry Affirmative N/A
3 Cleco Corporation Robert Ducote Louis Guidry Affirmative N/A
2 Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. Brandon Gleason Abstain N/A
1 Cleco Corporation John Lindsey Louis Guidry Affirmative N/A
3 Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. Todd Bennett Affirmative N/A
1 Balancing Authority of Northern California Kevin Smith Joe Tarantino Abstain N/A
1 Sacramento Municipal Utility District Arthur Starkovich Joe Tarantino Abstain N/A
4 Sacramento Municipal Utility District Beth Tincher Joe Tarantino Abstain N/A
5 Sacramento Municipal Utility District Susan Oto Joe Tarantino Abstain N/A
6 Sacramento Municipal Utility District Jamie Cutlip Joe Tarantino Abstain N/A
3 Sacramento Municipal Utility District Nicole Looney Joe Tarantino Abstain N/A
1 National Grid USA Michael Jones Affirmative N/A
3 National Grid USA Brian Shanahan Affirmative N/A
10 New York State Reliability Council ALAN ADAMSON Affirmative N/A
3 Nebraska Public Power District Tony Eddleman Affirmative N/A
1 Tacoma Public Utilities (Tacoma, WA) John Merrell Affirmative N/A
1 Exelon Daniel Gacek Affirmative N/A
3 Exelon Kinte Whitehead Affirmative N/A
5 Exelon Cynthia Lee Affirmative N/A
6 Exelon Becky Webb Affirmative N/A
2 New York Independent System Operator Gregory Campoli None N/A
3 FirstEnergy - FirstEnergy Corporation Aaron Ghodooshim None N/A
4 Utility Services, Inc. Brian Evans-Mongeon Abstain N/A
4 Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. Jonathan Robbins Negative N/A
4 FirstEnergy - FirstEnergy Corporation Mark Garza None N/A
3 Puget Sound Energy, Inc. Tim Womack Abstain N/A
3 Tacoma Public Utilities (Tacoma, WA) Marc Donaldson Affirmative N/A
1 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power faranak sarbaz Affirmative N/A
6 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Anton Vu Affirmative N/A
5 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Glenn Barry Affirmative N/A
1 Southern Company - Southern Company Services, Inc. Matt Carden Affirmative N/A
3 Southern Company - Alabama Power Company Joel Dembowski Affirmative N/A
5 Southern Company - Southern Company Generation James Howell Affirmative N/A
6 Southern Company - Southern Company Generation Ron Carlsen Affirmative N/A
5 Choctaw Generation Limited Partnership, LLLP Rob Watson Affirmative N/A
4 Alliant Energy Corporation Services, Inc. Larry Heckert Affirmative N/A
5 Edison International - Southern California Edison Company Selene Willis Affirmative N/A
6 Duke Energy John Sturgeon None N/A
1 Eversource Energy Quintin Lee Affirmative N/A
3 Eversource Energy Brendan Baszkiewicz Affirmative N/A
1 LS Power Transmission, LLC Darin Ferguson Negative N/A
1 Hydro-Qu?bec TransEnergie Nicolas Turcotte Affirmative N/A
3 Portland General Electric Co. Adam Menendez Negative N/A
5 Duke Energy Dale Goodwine Affirmative N/A
5 Portland General Electric Co. Ryan Olson Negative N/A
3 Great Plains Energy - Kansas City Power and Light Co. John Carlson Affirmative N/A
8 David Kiguel David Kiguel Affirmative N/A
1 Tri-State G and T Association, Inc. Donna Wood Affirmative N/A
1 Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. Mark Riley Affirmative N/A
3 Ameren - Ameren Services David Jendras Affirmative N/A
3 DTE Energy - Detroit Edison Company Karie Barczak Affirmative N/A
4 Tacoma Public Utilities (Tacoma, WA) Hien Ho Affirmative N/A
4 Florida Municipal Power Agency Dan O'Hagan Negative N/A
6 Florida Municipal Power Pool Aaron Casto Brandon McCormick Negative N/A
3 Owensboro Municipal Utilities William Berry Affirmative N/A
6 PSEG - PSEG Energy Resources and Trade LLC Joseph Neglia Affirmative N/A
1 Manitoba Hydro Mike Smith Abstain N/A
3 Ocala Utility Services Neville Bowen Brandon McCormick Negative N/A
1 Ameren - Ameren Services Tamara Evey Affirmative N/A
3 PSEG - Public Service Electric and Gas Co. maria pardo Affirmative N/A
1 PSEG - Public Service Electric and Gas Co. Kyle Down Affirmative N/A
6 Manitoba Hydro Simon Tanapat-Andre Abstain N/A
5 Manitoba Hydro Kristy-Lee Young Abstain N/A
1 AEP - AEP Service Corporation Dennis Sauriol Negative N/A
4 MGE Energy - Madison Gas and Electric Co. Adam Lee Affirmative N/A
3 Tallahassee Electric (City of Tallahassee, FL) Alan Gale None N/A
10 Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. Rachel Coyne Affirmative N/A
5 Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company Anthony Stevens Abstain N/A
1 FirstEnergy - FirstEnergy Corporation Julie Severino None N/A
5 Lakeland Electric George Kerst None N/A
3 Manitoba Hydro Mike Smith Abstain N/A
1 Santee Cooper Chris Wagner Abstain N/A
5 Santee Cooper Marty Watson Abstain N/A
3 Santee Cooper James Poston Abstain N/A
6 Santee Cooper Glenda Horne Abstain N/A
6 Portland General Electric Co. Daniel Mason Negative N/A
10 Western Electricity Coordinating Council Steven Rueckert Affirmative N/A
1 Lakeland Electric Larry Watt None N/A
1 Duke Energy Laura Lee Affirmative N/A
3 Duke Energy Lee Schuster Affirmative N/A
3 Edison International - Southern California Edison Company Romel Aquino Affirmative N/A
3 WEC Energy Group, Inc. Christine Kane Affirmative N/A
6 WEC Energy Group, Inc. David Boeshaar None N/A
5 WEC Energy Group, Inc. Clarice Zellmer Affirmative N/A
10 Florida Reliability Coordinating Council Peter Heidrich Affirmative N/A
3 Dominion - Dominion Resources, Inc. Connie Schroeder Abstain N/A
3 Gainesville Regional Utilities Darko Kovac Brandon McCormick Negative N/A
1 PPL Electric Utilities Corporation Michelle Longo Affirmative N/A
1 Peak Reliability Michael Granath Affirmative N/A
10 SERC Reliability Corporation Dave Krueger Affirmative N/A
5 Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Shari Heino Affirmative N/A
2 Southwest Power Pool, Inc. (RTO) Charles Yeung Affirmative N/A
4 Georgia System Operations Corporation Andrea Barclay Affirmative N/A
1 Imperial Irrigation District Jesus Sammy Alcaraz None N/A
10 Midwest Reliability Organization William Steiner Affirmative N/A
3 Georgia System Operations Corporation Scott McGough Affirmative N/A
5 Bonneville Power Administration Scott Winner Affirmative N/A
3 Austin Energy Michael Dieringer Affirmative N/A
5 Black Hills Corporation Sheila Suurmeier Affirmative N/A
1 Black Hills Corporation Micah Runner Affirmative N/A
1 Sunflower Electric Power Corporation Paul Mehlhaff Affirmative N/A
5 Xcel Energy, Inc. Gerry Huitt Amy Casuscelli Affirmative N/A
5 Florida Municipal Power Agency Chris Gowder Negative N/A
6 Florida Municipal Power Agency Jade Bulitta Negative N/A
3 Florida Municipal Power Agency Carl Turner Negative N/A
1 OGE Energy - Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. Terri Pyle None N/A
5 OGE Energy - Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. Patrick Wells None N/A
6 Berkshire Hathaway - PacifiCorp Lindsay Wickizer None N/A
1 New York Power Authority Salvatore Spagnolo Affirmative N/A
6 OGE Energy - Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. Ashley Stringer Abstain N/A
5 Platte River Power Authority Jon Osell None N/A
3 OGE Energy - Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. Donald Hargrove Abstain N/A
6 Edison International - Southern California Edison Company Kenya Streeter None N/A
6 Entergy Julie Hall Affirmative N/A
1 Portland General Electric Co. Brooke Jockin Negative N/A
1 Nebraska Public Power District Jamison Cawley Affirmative N/A
4 Austin Energy Jun Hua None N/A
6 Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County, Washington LeRoy Patterson Negative N/A
6 Austin Energy Lisa Martin Affirmative N/A
5 Great River Energy Jacalynn Bentz Affirmative N/A
5 Puget Sound Energy, Inc. Eleanor Ewry Abstain N/A
1 Austin Energy Thomas Standifur None N/A
6 Black Hills Corporation Claudine Bates None N/A
3 Platte River Power Authority Wade Kiess Affirmative N/A
1 Hydro One Networks, Inc. Sheraz Majid None N/A
4 Keys Energy Services Nick Batty Brandon McCormick Negative N/A
5 Ontario Power Generation Inc. Constantin Chitescu Affirmative N/A
6 Bonneville Power Administration Andrew Meyers Affirmative N/A
3 Hydro One Networks, Inc. Paul Malozewski None N/A
5 Austin Energy Michael Dillard None N/A